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Biodegradable Glitter - Ice Queen, 8g.
GBP £7.00

A unique EcoSparkles Glitter Mix. Give yourself and your life an extra dash of joy with this amazing mix of different colors and sizes.

All Glitters are cosmetic grade, FDA approved and safe to use on skin, hair and body.
Made from cellulose of Eucalyptus trees. All materials are natural, sustainably sourced, non GMO and biodegradable both in nature and marine water.
Non of EcoSparkles products have been tested on animals and are 100% vegan.

Comes in beautiful little sturdy glass jars with an aluminum cap, holding approx 8g. or in 5 and 10g. refill bags.
The bags are made of biodegradable material from Greenline. #chooseplasticfree #plasticfreepackaging

These sparkles are also suitable for crafts and decor.

Visit www.ecosparkles.dk to see the full range of colours and unique EcoSparkles glitter mixes.

Look Behind the Label: EcoSparkles offers you the highest quality of Biodegradable Glitter. Founded back in November 2016, we were some of the first on the market with ecofriendly sparkles. The company is run by me, the glittermania, Nanna. Together with my squad of glitter warriors I make sure that both you, your kids and everyone we meet on our way get a extra dash of joy. For let's not fool ourselves, this life is for the living and what better way to live, than to spread glittery joy on your trial through life. Our motto is: Leave a guilt free footprint on your path, while you sparkle amongst the stars of Mother Earth...
Affilliate Website: www.ecosparkles.dk

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